Chasing the Hunter (SE)

Making deals, making friends.

22nd of Slumber of Frost, 326VF

Unsure on how reliable was the drunken promise of Rommak, the Shaded Eyes spent the next days seeking alternatives. Felix stayed at the Sailor’s Repose until, shortly after lunch, the captain showed up. Rommak said he was willing to fulfil the promise, but they needed to find suitable business to justify the trip. His ship, Tyche’s Feather, would be departing, but when they had something
While Thomas tried to look up alternatives, the rest of the group looked for some deal. Felx spread word around town, Merrin and Mox… tried. Later, a half-elf lady showed up at the Sailor’s repose. She was Tenshinsen Sorame, Captain Rommak’s wife and the second in command of the Tyche’s Feather. She expressed her discontent with her husband’s deal and asked for it to be brought to Felix. At the end of the day some shady half-elf approached Mossbeard and offered him a good payment for taking some textiles, pottery…. and a special cargo. Oblivious, Felix transmitted that to Rommak, getting the opportunity to meet Sorame. She seemed unfriendly at her, but upon realising he had made a pact for power with an Undervast entity, she agreed to uphold Rommak’s promise.
They met with the half-elf to discuss the deal, he promised 1000gp upfront to bring the cargo to Razalas, in Alara, and, after much discussing and making Felix promise to deal with the special cargo, they agreed. The cargo turned out to be an apparently deranged halfling name Zebeli. He took all the Shaded Eyes to keep entertained and, while he was friendly enough, they ended up quite disturbed with him, even Naberius. However, they made the trip without incident and they reached Alara in 11 days, close to the end of the Slumber of Frost.
They parted ways with Zebeli and the Tyche’s Feather, Felix disguised himself as a beardless dwarf and headed to a tavern of the pirate town: The Flaming Barrel (the name inspired Mox to… burn a barrel). They quickly found out the Merry Huntress (now named the Danger Hunter) was somewhere around waiting for the proper weather to cross the Border Storm. Tarvin Rosencramtz had been looking for a spellcaster to deal with the magic necessary to get the airship through the Border Storm for a while apparently, so Felix used the rest of the day to spread the word they where a bunch of magic users for hire. That evening, while Thomas went to visit the brothels, the rest of the Shaded Eyes where called for business.
Merrin, Mox and Felix showed up to a shadowy street, like all the others in Razalas and where, of course, ambushed by five cloaked individuals. Being it usual business, Merrin and Felix combined some thorn and mind magic to prove their abilities and take quick care of one of them. At that point they stopped and claimed it was all a test of their magic abilities and brought them to the presence of…. Zebeli.
As it turns out they were from the Crimson Cloud, they would meet with Rosencramts and thought it’d be nice to have found some spellcaster for the Danger Hunter. That could be the opportunity they ahad been looking for.
The Merry Huntress was close, very close.

35th of Slumber of Frost, 326VF


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